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Re: [TCML] The RF Police

On 8/29/19 8:34 AM, John Darwin Powers wrote:
RF police.

….. find the nearest amateur radio operator ….. ARRL could help, would be very happy to help ….. Extra Class if possible, or contact the local radio group.  You can always contact the local FCC field office, and I am sure that they would be curious and more than happy to take a measure.  I would probably not call the military to ask their opinion as everything is probably a bad thing, and you house would be surrounded by very large Abrams tanks and destroy your lawn, well you get the picture.

ARRL may or may not help - the staff at W1AW in Connecticut might be interested in measuring it as an interesting project. If you're somewhere else, calling a ham club that has people interested in this (tricky issue, some hams will not be interested, some might be interested and incapable of making the measurements).

Somewhere like the SBMS (San Bernardino Microwave Society) which is full of experimenters would be a good possibility.

I wouldn't suggest contacting the FCC - never ask a question to which you do not know the answer. If they take a measurement, it's because they need evidence you're in violation. They don't have budget and time for speculative field trips.

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