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I was reading the stuff below from loneocean and highlighted part of it. I
understand the 50us for the pulse width because there is a control for it.
What is this 3 to 4 RF cycles and where is it controlled as I only see BPS
and On time on most interrupters. Thanks


First testing was carried out on 6th Feb with an isolated power supply at
60VDC into the bus limited at 3A. The pulse width was set for a maximum of
50us+ (3 to 4 RF cycles). The coil responded well, producing a clean buzzing
sound you'd expect from a tesla coil, and produced it's first 2-3" spark to
ground at low power! This started interfering with some other electronic
equipment including the power supply (all was fine) as well as the
telephones in the workshop(!), so next up will be power testing from a large
variac in a suitable space.

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