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Re: [TCML] Burnt Joint (Cap Bank)

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We built a double-ended coil in high school, from an old book which has now been lost. It was a most excellent book, not too big, tan colored hardcover. It had much useful information, and one of these pieces of wisdom was that you should make your secondaries fat, like Mark says. Our secondary ws 4 ft long x 11" dia. It worked quite well, especially for having no end loads. My current coil (pun not intended, but not removed either) is single ended, 30" high x 12" dia. It works fine.

Does anybody know the book of which I speak, maybe even knows where a copy may be obtained?

I presume that the fat secondaries work better because of the better coupling. Does this sound right?


I can think of several books this might be. The most likely is "High Frequency Apparatus," by Thomas Stanley Curtis. Originally published in 1916 and revised several times, it was reprinted by Lindsay too. You can even find electronic copies online.

Another possibility is "The Boy Electrician," by Alfred P. Morgan (1913), republished by Lindsay in the 1990s. Try online; there should be copies of these around.

Paul Thompson
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