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Re: [TCML] Matt tesla

On 5/18/13 8:41 PM, Matthew Hebb wrote:
there both the same to me ...just less dots but if it must be so formal im gunna have to spend an extra 25 mins spell checking and everything ...i usually just write things out its email messaging im not writing a formal essay for somthing i don't see why it has to be so fancy?

Well. here's the deal:

on a mailing list like this, where one is asking for advice, making life easier for the folks who are being asked is a generally productive strategy.

While you might not care one way or the other, the folks you are asking for advice clearly do.

Besides, how much longer does it take to actually put a few carriage returns and periods in? milliseconds?

Nobody expects a finely crafted essay worthy of Steinbeck. Reasonable sentence breaks and some attention to detail is a sign that you're not going to inadvertently kill or injure yourself with HV gear. Maybe it's a concern that if you are careless or lazy with your writing, you might be the same with HV, and nobody wants to hear about a disaster.

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